Communion Writings

For Pastors and Worship Leaders 

Resources to enhance worship times centered around the Lord’s Table

I created these writings to be used during the special moments when the church gathers to eat the bread and drink from the cup. Feel free to read them and share them with others. I write a poem each time our local church celebrates the Lord’s Supper so you can return often to find new writings.

Do What You Must, But Come

Limping, faltering, stumbling, or crawling,

We come to the table.

On the outside we look as if we are all together.

But we’re not.

On the inside we’re broken.

We come here today with fears and worries, insecurities about how we look or talk or behave.

We come with addictions we don’t acknowledge,

problems we can’t solve,

relationships we can’t fix.


Christ sees us,

On the inside.

His eyes lock on us and what does He see?

A beautiful mess.

The beauty of His image marred by the mess of our choices.

Sin has distorted who He intended.


We know we’re not good enough.

GOD knows we’re not good enough.

But still there’s a place at the table,

Available for anyone who will come.

Anyone willing to acknowledge his brokenness,

To admit the blood and body is in exchange for his sins. 


So come. Come to the table.

Run, walk or crawl.

Do what you must,

But come to the Lord’s Table

Don’t let shame or guilt keep you from your place.

Bring your brokenness, your lostness and your despair.

It is here you find mercy and grace to help in this moment of your need.


Am I Welcome Here? 

“Can I come here? Is there a place for me?”

“Indeed there is a place for you.”

“Are you sure? I mean, is there a place for someone like me? Who has done what I’ve done.”

“Yes there is. Listen to GOD’S words, ‘Return to Me.”

“But He won’t accept me like this. I wouldn’t accept me like this.”

“That is because He loves you more than you love you.”

“But I can’t get close to Him. The Bible says that He is a consuming fire.”

“He is. But do you realize that the blaze of his holiness will consume the horror of your sins? The guilt and shame and pain that you carry will be burned up.”

“But what if I can’t give it up?”

“You can and you will if you will only look on His beauty.

Have you seen Him? He is pure and holy and majestic and fearful.

But He is also compassionate, merciful and kind. Have you really seen Him?”


“Look on the One whose blood was shed and whose body was broken. Look on Him. And when you do, you will know that regardless of your sin, His grace is far, far greater.”


“Return to Me!” GOD beckons. These words of invitation come from One who is pure and holy and majestic and fearful.


In spite of our sins and failures and bad choices, still the most holy GOD calls out to us to return.


There is a place for the repentant, the imprisoned, the downhearted and the broken. This table has a place reserved for all who will listen and return.


He Is Calling 

No longer the same,

No more of the routines,

I am looking for life.

My heart cries out for more than my past.

In my search for more,

There comes silence.

And in the silence I hear a whispering,

It is an invitation,

A calling,

My heart skips,

It is a voice I know,

It is the One who loves me.

Who painfully and patiently calls for me,

And waits for me.

Shall I leave my past

With all its pleasures and security?

Shall I pursue the future

With all its uncertainties?

Shall I accept His invitation?

Can I trust His heart for me?

With its bleeding, wounds and bruises?

Promises do not come lightly from Him.

He paid dearly for them

His word is truth.

And so I wonder:

Can I not follow Him into the future?


A Meal That Costs Too Much

You are a bit nervous.

You’ve never eaten a meal that costs so much.

But when the table is prepared, you are disappointed.

It’s only bread and wine.

What about steak? Or vegetables? What about dessert?

You wonder, “Why is it so costly?”


Then the Host walks in.

He looks you in the eye.

He smiles.

“You’re wondering what costs so much, aren’t you?”

“It’s not the food that’s so costly.”

He lifts His scarred hands.

“It’s you.

You’re the reason the cost is so high.

You’re the reason I did what I did.”


His words arrest your soul.

Now you understand there’s nothing He wouldn’t do for you.

You are moved by His immeasurable love.

“But,” the Host said, “You are welcome to leave if you like.”

Leave? Why would anyone ever dream of leaving?

How does one walk away from grace and mercy?

Is that even possible?


It is.

Many have walked away.

But here at the table they are found again.

They come back here,

To the bread and wine.

It’s the only place in the universe,

And the only moment in time,

Where guilt and shame are washed away,

Where sins and failures are not brought up.

It’s the only time and place they are forgotten,

And we are forgiven.


It’s here at the table that we,

Share life,

Feel loved,

Find hope,

Experience joy,

Receive peace.


Here, with Him.


When Grace Meets Sin 

This moment holds great significance. It is pregnant with possibilities of transformation – for each of us. That’s the miracle of Communion. When we gather here united by Jesus Christ, we extend grace to each as we give and receive the body and blood of Christ. It is in the sharing of grace that we can experience a change of our hearts.

“What is this grace?” you ask. It is grace that invites us here to remember . . .

The Depths of our Sin

“Oh no! We’ve been found!” we exclaim. The dread of our hearts surfaces here today. Our fear of being discovered is happening. For when we come to this table, we are telling the world of our past. We are acknowledging our sin. No mask can cover the truth. We’ve lost our way and now everyone knows. We’ve failed to live as we should.

It is grace that also invites us to remember . . .

The Heights of His Love

The hope of our hearts also surfaces today. “Oh yes! We’ve been found!” we exclaim. GOD has not left us to drown in our sins. He’s come for us. He has loved us and shown us an overwhelming abundance of mercy. We are forgiven completely.

The same Bible that reads:

“All have sinned and fallen short of GOD’S glory.”

Also reads:

“There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.”

The 2 meet in this moment at the table – our sin and His pardon. We recognize our brokenness and His forgiveness. At the cross of Jesus, mercy meets rebellion. And when they do, salvation and healing occur. The broken are restored, the lost are found and the sinner discovers a place at the table. We’ve been reconciled to GOD through Christ. He’s done it for us.

The depths of our sin

The heights of His love

“All have sinned and fallen short of GOD’S glory.”

“There is now no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.”

“GOD was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. So that in Him we might become the righteousness of GOD. He made Him who had no sin to be sin for us,

That’s why we are here today – at His table. We are humbled. We are grateful. We are joyous.



Today I remember.

No longer living a life chained by sin

ashamed of my past

condemned to die

confined by bitterness

kidnapped by fear

covering my shame

living in guilt

fixing what I’ve broken

hiding in the shadows

cowering in the corner. 


No more! No more! Oh no, something’s different now.

I live with: confidence






I am trusting the One who is faithful to forgive all my sins.

I walk in the light – so beautiful, so powerful

Too great for the shadows of my past to haunt me.

Jesus has redeemed me.

Today the wine and the bread remind me.

I am forgiven, set free and empowered to live this new life.

Today I remember, 



I remember Jesus.