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Not the Life I Wanted

Are you happy with the way your life has turned out? Most of us Americans are not. In 2016, the Harris Poll found the Happiness Index to be 31 (out of a possible 100) among Americans. It was down from...
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If Offered a Chance to Change . . . ?

Embrace the good gift of change GOD offers you. Change is a gift. from GOD. It’s good because change opens the door to an awakening. On the other side is a greater future full of hope and peace and strength....
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The One Quality Needed to Live in the Land of the Broken and Flawed

Prayer Before the Prayer I want to be willing to forgive But I dare not ask for the will to forgive In case you give it to me And I am not yet ready, I am not yet ready for...
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The Massive, Old Gate

A rich young guy approached Jesus one day with a question about eternal life. “How can I get eternal life?” Jesus said he needed to get rid of his wealth. He declined and walked away, sad. The rich guy found...
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What Does GOD Want to Change in You?

How can you partner with GOD to become the person He is creating you to be? Change is a core value of GOD. Change is the essence of the Gospel. Salvation is more than an initial transformation. Salvation is an...
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Why Renee Turned Down the Job

The small cafe is busy. The air is filled with the noise of conversations. A constant flow of customers are coming in and out. Cloudy skies dampen the Friday morning buzz. “Renee, you can stay there rent free for a...
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The Very Best Gift

Moss Hart was a playwright who died in the early 1960s. In his autobiography, he told of a moment of his childhood. He grew up in what he described as “a drab tenement in the Bronx in New York.” It...
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Missing Christmas

The couple cowers at the busy intersection. Blank stares, Waiting for the sign to tell them to go. I see them.  Their clothes ragged and dirty. Both carrying a backpack. Surrounded by a cloud of smoke,  Accented by the rising...
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Lift up Your Head

Hopeless – the feeling that things will never change, In a situation that needs to change. But you see no answers. You feel stuck. You tried. Others tried. The forces that be refuse to change. Darkness continues to win night...
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Pause for Thanks

This past weekend gave me pause to stop and consider the many reasons I am thankful. As I did, I realized most of them are centered around the idea of comfort. My house, cars, family, friends, clothing, food, job, furniture,...
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