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Pause for Thanks

This past weekend gave me pause to stop and consider the many reasons I am thankful. As I did, I realized most of them are centered around the idea of comfort. My house, cars, family, friends, clothing, food, job, furniture,...
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Getting Excited About Cardboard

We are a few weeks away from that bright morning when children will awaken before dawn willingly, run to the Christmas tree with shouts of “Come on! Get up!” and start opening presents. The latest and greatest toys will be...
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Why Pain?

Pain is a necessary part of life. It is also valuable. Pain is a powerful teacher whose voice resounds loudly in your soul.    “Listen. Listen to me. I am Pain. I have much to say to you. I know...
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The Weapon Every American Needs

The blood of 59 victims cries out from Las Vegas, The blood of 49 victims cries out from Orlando, The blood of 524 victims cries out from Chicago, The blood of 27 victims cries out from Newtown, The blood of...
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This Precarious Journey

I wonder . . . Can you look past my imperfections and see Christ in me? Can you look past my tendency to judge you by my own expectations and see Christ in me? Can you look past my Americanized...
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Stop Trying to Love Others

Loving others is the most difficult part of life. It’s also the part that matters most. It’s hard because my love is often decided by the way people respond, which means others control my love. However, the love of GOD...
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It Breaks the Chains

Love sets people free. When you love someone, you don’t try to control them through coercion or guilt or manipulation. That’s not love. That’s fear. Love is not a stone tied around a neck. Love is wings. If you are...
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This Lesson About Prayer I Don’t Like

Are you praying for something, perhaps a miracle, a healing or a release from bondage? Do you keep getting a big, fat “NO” from Heaven? It’s disappointing I know. The divine decline has often been a part of my faith...
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When the Quietness is Louder than the Noise

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts. Colossians 3:15 Let the peace of Christ guard your hearts. Philippians 4:7 It’s the peace of Christ that should be ruling and guarding your heart, not the peace of a good...
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The Prayer of Waiting

I’m waiting patiently on You, O Lord, to turn to me and hear my cry.   I’m waiting patiently on You, O Lord, to lift me out of the pit of despair.   I’m waiting patiently on You, O Lord,...
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