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If life and faith have left you disappointed, then Found My Heart When I Lost My Way will bring you inspiration, wisdom and encouragement. Days can be dark and the nights can be long when you feel lost – especially if following Jesus got you lost. After all, aren’t we told that following Jesus is the path of life and assurance? It was a journey of church planting that was transformational for Bruce. In the end he became stronger and wiser. His faith took on a whole new meaning as he uncovered the shallowness of his perceptions of GOD and as a result, Bruce learned to trust Him in a whole new way.


“Where was He? My faith was shrouded by darkness and confusion.  My heart cried out to GOD for guidance because I longed to follow Him.  I prayed and fasted for direction.  I did not know where to go.  I did not know what to do.  I found myself second guessing my decisions.  I felt the heaviness of GOD’S distance and silence.  My mind was filled with questions and doubts.  Where was He?  Where was I?  And why?  Why was I lost now?  What happened to those footprints in the sand?”

“Bruce challenges you to be courageous enough to 

become the person GOD designed you to

be even if the path is different than you pictured it.”


Make It Count book cover

Make It Count, an inspiring work of stories, fictional and true, and applicable principles, dares us to believe that our lives matter. We can set up others for success when we invest in them. This book could be the start of a revolution. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripples of your life will go far and wide. If you want to leave behind more than a shallow imprint when you are gone, then this book is a must read. Your legacy is not something you leave, it’s something you live. Someone is waiting on you to become more than you are and to help him do the same. Make It Count will inspire you to live and leave a legacy.


I’m convinced our world waits on the individuals who will choose to live better lives. Be that person. Don’t allow your circumstances, your past or other people to beat you down. GOD gave you a greater life. Embrace it. Grow the person in your mirror. That is the kind of life you can’t keep to yourself. Giving it away is natural. That will change the world.”

“Bruce has a great talent for

inspiring people to reach their full potential.”


Turn the Page book cover

Life is full of moments where we must move forward. Those moments are not always easy. The past may be a nightmare or a dream, but regardless, letting go is hard. But we cannot stay in the past either. Turn the Page is an Kindle book written to help people navigate the challenges that come along when a new day is dawning and you must move ahead. Discover wisdom and encouragement that will guide you through the turbulent waters of life’s transitions. Remember: the endings are actually beginnings.

“The start of your tomorrow is a re-creating of your own heart. A new future is not about changing your circumstances.  Regardless of the surroundings, if you take the same you to a different place, then nothing really has changed.  If the same you shows up in a different marriage or a new job, nothing is different, is it? Your old you is still there. You will continue to respond and think and behave like the old you, sabotaging this new opportunity. A new future requires a new you and a new you requires change – in the way you think and understand.”

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