Meet Me

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Let me begin by saying that I am a follower of Christ. 

Many times I’m a falling follower, but even in those moments when my face is in the dirt, He reaches down and lifts my head out of the shame. I look up and am confronted with grace. Then I get up, dust off and keep following. What else can I do? Jesus has captured my heart.

I am a most fortunate husband – It was on August 1 that she said yes. It was on June 9 that she said “I do.” Ever since we have become a team. And we still are . . . becoming a team. I am most grateful for my wife.

Two life changing moments were the births of my sons. I have had the privilege of watching those kids become fine, young men. And yes, I write that because they are mine. I secretly wish I could have been like them at that age. And there’s the beautiful daughter-in-law. The best I save for last – my wonderful granddaughter. She’s the first and brings great joy to our family.

After my faith and my family, there’s:

Pastor, Leader, Coach, Writer, Runner, Chocolate Chip Connoisseur, Tarheel Fan

I am grateful for the role GOD has assigned me in this world. Who gets the opportunity to . . .

Invest in others?

Shape their future?

Speak into their lives?

Laugh, cry and pray with people, occasionally in the same conversation?

Help them clear out the fog?

Envision a new future?

Get up and move forward?

Find hope for tomorrow?

Wow! What a life! This is awesome!


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