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Living the Life

you were

created to live.




The wrapped gift

A glittery bow and ribbon, brightly colored paper, your name

A moment of anticipation and excitement. What does the box hold? What surprise awaits you?

Could that be you? Have you begun to unwrap the gift that is you?

GOD created you with skills, desires, perceptions and a unique personality that no one else in all the world has. You are here at this time and place for His specific purposes.

My goal?

To help you unwrap the gift

To discover the life you were created to live.

Then give you the encouragement to live that life.

Because unwrapping the gift is an adventure. It’s a day to day journey of following Christ on a path of steep climbs, dangerous cliffs, and dark tunnels. On some days, exhilarating and on other days, overwhelming. You will face moments you want to quit and just stay who you are.

In the words of the songwriter, Steven Curtis Chapman, Life is “a glorious unfolding.”

Press on!

I hope to restore the joy, passion and purpose of GOD’S destiny for you. Regardless of your disabilities, weaknesses or failures, know that He has birthed potential in you. It’s waiting to be discovered. You are GOD’S gift to the world. I want you to live like it.

Because quite frankly, that’s what the rest of us need. We need you to live fully the life GOD created you for.

You – living fully and freely.

You matter more than you know.

I’m glad you stopped by. GOD’S adventure for you awaits. I’m thankful to be traveling with you at least through this season. Are you ready?

PS: I imagine you know people who could use a cup of encouragement. Invite them to stop in and take a break. Share the joy so others can find the energy to continue their journey.

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